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Operations and Structure

Strategic Role and Function of the Jamaican Cabinet Office

A new organisational structure was proposed to deal more effectively with these roles and agreed to by Cabinet on January 29th 2007. The Cabinet Office has been restructured around four main Divisions in addition to a Corporate Affairs Unit and the National Security Strategy Implementation Unit (NSSIU).

Cabinet Support and Policy Division

The Cabinet Support and Policy Division provides policy advice and logistical support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees to ensure that the business of Government is conducted in a timely and efficient way and enable proper collective consideration before policy decisions are taken. The Division also coordinates the development of the overall strategic framework and short, medium and long term priorities to support the coherent and coordinated delivery of government objectives that are aligned to major national and sectoral policies and which collectively meet the needs of government. Additionally, the Division manages the corporate planning process for the Government, monitors, and evaluates the overall performance of government to ensure that policies actually result in the planned changes in the delivery of services.

Public Sector Modernisation Division

The Public Sector Modernisation Division (PSMD) leads the reform of the public service and drives the implementation of the modernisation agenda outlined in Ministry Paper 56/02 ‘Government at your Service’ to improve the quality, coherence and responsiveness of public services and facilitate the achievement of major national goals. The PSMP actively promotes a strong and professionally well-managed public sector capable of developing and delivering high quality, integrated public services, programmes and regulations that meet the needs of their customers as a priority outcome. The Division is also focused on establishing appropriate mechanisms for effective decision-making, human and financial resource management, and performance management across the government service.

Human Resource Management Division

This new Division will focus on the strategic human resource management of the civil service particularly leadership development and succession planning, and will lead the implementation of key decisions in this area. The work of the Human Resource Management Division will be centred around increasing the human resource management capacity in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, through; the promotion of best human resource management practice across the public service, introduction of new manpower planning arrangements, succession planning at senior levels, centrally coordinated arrangements for the identification of serving public officials with outstanding potential, identification and satisfaction of high level training and development needs. The Division will also inter alia play a lead role in encouraging the mainstreaming of ethics and core values across the public service.

Portfolio Agencies

The agencies placed under the Cabinet Office are the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and the Management Institute for National Development (MIND). The OUR was located within the Cabinet Office to reduce the chances of Ministerial portfolio interference. MIND was similarly positioned taking into account the Cabinet Secretary’s responsibilities as Head of the Civil Service.