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Expansion of Shared Corporate Services (SCS) Model to include legal services and internal audit

It is a well-documented fact both in the private and public sectors, that the realignment of back office support functions to be delivered through a central focal point has impacted significantly on the cost of delivering these services (in terms of service and turnaround time) and in many cases increased the volume of transactions that are handled. In addition the interconnectivity of the backbone ICT infrastructure that is required to support these services has benefited stakeholders by allowing direct access to the services and the information they contain without having to physically communicate with the providers. The services that are usually included in the SCS environment include: finance, human resources management, internal audit, legal services, procurement, asset management, communication and public relations and ICT.

All stakeholders have endorsed the MRP recommendation for the introduction of a government-wide SCS Model. Over the planning period the government will be pursuing the HRM component (discussed in a previous section) and the legal services and internal audit function. Guided by the Corporate Services Enhancement Committee (CSEP) a sub-committee of the Permanent Secretaries' Board, discussions are underway with the Central Functional Authority (Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for legal services and Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP) for internal audit) to design the most suitable model for implementation. To this end the MoJ has already received confirmation from the Department of Justice Canada with regards to the provision of experts to investigate and suggest a possible model. The results of their work should be available by the end of fiscal year 2014/2015 for consideration by the CSEP. With respect to the design of an internal audit model, it is also foreseen that a final recommendation will be presented to the CSEP by the end of this fiscal year.