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1.5 Establishment of the Montego Bay One Stop Shop for Import/Export Inspection services

An Import/Export Inspection System is fundamentally important in trade facilitation. Essentially, the system is used as a means of quality control; ensuring compliance to standards and requirements. Across the world, it is desirable that the design and application of this system reflect appropriate principles that conform to the requirements of international standards. The Import/Export Inspection System should provide ease, not only to the process of import/export, but is expected to serves as a benefit to those using the system, that is, the clients and the inspection personnel.

Working with the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Industry Investment and Commerce, the Cabinet Office has facilitated the review of the various business processes involved in issuing import/export licences and permits, and carrying out inspections. In 2010, the Import/Export One Stop Inspection Centre was opened in Kingston to provide a central location for the inspection of traded goods reducing the inspections processing time from several days to a matter of hours by making all the regulatory agencies accessible within a single location.

Before the Import Export One Stop Shop was established, customers involved in import and export of goods were required to access multiple agencies to access inspection services. The One Stop Shop facility brings together all regulatory agencies involved in the inspection process to a single location so that all inspection processes take place in one place, eliminating overlaps in the way businesses are conducted at the Wharf, eliminating the need for customers to physically access different places to conduct related business in getting their goods at the Ports of Entry; and establishing one physical location on the port where all the regulators are accessible to the customers. This has effectively removed the burden on exporters and importers to interface with several different government agencies has and ultimately reduced the time for the entire inspection process from seven days to three hours. Building design and layout is drafted for approval of the relevant stakeholders and refurbishing of the identified location is to being completed.


Businesses involved in the import and export of goods can now move trade goods more quickly, with turnaround times for accessing inspection services reduced by approximately seventy-five per cent. Taking lessons from the establishment of the Kingston One Stop Shop, One Stop Shop operations are now being established at a second location identified in Montego Bay.