1.7 Modernisation of Ministries Important to the Growth Agenda

The Public Sector Modernisation Vision and Strategy 2002-2012 committed the Government to having “100% of public servants [working] within organisations operated on the principles underlying executive agencies”. Acknowledging that not every modernised government entity will be transformed into an executive agency, the Cabinet Office coined the term performance based institutions (PBI) to refer to entities modernised to operate on the principles underlying executive agencies.  The Cabinet Office has led on the establishment of 16 performance based institutions to date, including modernised ministries (Transport and Works, and National Security); modernised statutory bodies ( JAMPRO and PIOJ); and executive agencies[1]. Conversion to performance based status means that government entities are re-oriented to focus their operations on the achievement of clearly defined results. In general terms, this means re-engineering entire systems: introducing new technologies that allow them to operate more productively and at quicker pace; re-orienting civil servants to function effectively in a more demanding environment, and where feasible, empowering organisations to operate as self-sustaining in order to reduce the burden on public resources.

The current focus, in keeping with the guiding principles of the 5 year PSTM Programme, is to ensure that government functions that support the business sector are prioritised for performance improvement. As such, the Ministries of Industry and Investment (MIIC) and Science Technology Energy and Mining (MSTEM) have been prioritised for modernisation and the transition of functions, as appropriate, into performance based institutions.


[1] 1. Jamaica Information Service, 2. Companies Office of Jamaica, 3. Registrar General’s Department, 4. Administrator General’s Department, 5. National Environment and Planning Agency, 6. National Works Agency, 7. Management Institute for National Development, 8. National Land Agency, 9. Child Development Agency, 10. Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, 11. Forestry Department, 12. Customs Agency.