Strengthening Customer Service across the Public Sector

 Customers are demanding more from government services and this has forced us to be more innovative and customer oriented in our approach. The on-going customer service programme, which is multi-faceted, is being strengthened to be more evidence based and responsive. New technology is being introduced which help government entities to implement comprehensive customer service programmes that capture customer feedback and monitors the speedy resolution of customer complaints. Entities are being equipped to deliver customer service improvements based on evidence rather than taking piecemeal approaches to resolving customer service challenges

In addition to introducing an electronic content management system (ECM) to monitor service quality across the public sector, the project will deliver a Customer Service Policy that will provide the institutional basis for lifting customer service standards and establishing a service delivery culture and orientation that is spread evenly throughout the public sector. 

When implemented, all these projects are expected to provide a range of results which include an improvement in business and customer services, operational efficiency gains, more cost effective delivery of public services, and improvement in international rankings for business facilitation and competitiveness. The specific focus on customer service improvement through streamlining business processes; introducing and boosting existing mechanisms to monitor and evaluate customer service; and, the strengthening of capacity of public sector entities to operate as performance based institutions (PBI), able to deliver high quality services, will position the Government to create an environment more facilitating  to businesses and investors.