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Development and Implementation of a Data and Information Sharing Policy

The Data and Information Sharing Policy is being developed to support the removal of burdensome legal, financial and technological restrictions placed on Government entities to access datasets collected and maintained by other Government entities. The Policy is intended to facilitate appropriate access by government entities to data and information held by other government entities, for purposes of critical decision making and to support entities in pursuing their core mandates as it relates to, among other things, policy making, programme planning, and service delivery. Additionally, the initiative will address the duplication and overlap in the collection of data and develop strategies for greater coherence and efficiency in the operations of Government entities, thereby allowing the Government to better meet the needs of citizens, businesses and other stakeholders. The draft Policy has been prepared and will be finalised and implemented under the guidance of the CIO.  This policy will support the E-Government frame work by providing the rules and standards by which information is shared among government entities to deliver joined-up government.