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Development of a GOJ Records and Information Management (RIM) Programme

The Archives Act (1982) and its accompanying Regulations (1988) have become out-dated and insufficient to deal with the development of the globalised and technological world, evidenced in the fact that it does not speak to electronic record-keeping; there is high litigation risk resourcing from poor records management and lack of information, lack of compliance and monitoring and very low fines for breaches. Additionally, there has been only one Circular issued since 1981 regarding the disposal of records and based on the Jamaica Archives and Records Department’s interaction with MDAs, adherence has been low for most government entities. 

As a first step in advancing the objectives of Government-wide data sharing, the Cabinet Office is working with the Jamaica Archives and Records Department (JARD) and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), which has the policy portfolio for Government Information Management, to develop an Integrated Records and Information Management Policy for the GoJ and provide necessary capacity for JARD to carry out its mandate.