Establishment of a Government-wide Area Network (GOVNET)

GovNet is envisioned as a government wide communications network for the seamless transfer of information between government agencies and other stakeholders as well as for the provision of on-line services to the public at minimal cost. The objectives are to: (i) reduce overall telecommunication costs for the GoJ; (ii) raise the economic disincentive in order to encourage government agencies to proceed on an individual basis for setting up their own networks; (iii) improve secure communications; and (iv) reduce the transaction costs associated with the provision of public services and information.

In August 2011, under the Public Sector Transformation Project a consultancy team was contracted to (a) prepare an economic rationale for GovNet, and propose a suitable business model for its implementation; and (b) conduct a Technical Review to determine the most  appropriate and cost effective network configuration to be used for creating the physical infrastructure for GovNet. This information is to be used to support the implementation of the system over the next 5 years.