3.1 Implementation of HCMES/ Payroll

The effective management of the public sector as a whole requires that there be accurate up to date information at all times in regard to the total staff complement and the costs associated with this. This capacity does not exist currently. Neither is there the capability to have efficient and cost effective transactional HR processes such as leave administration since , in most entities these are manually done. The implementation of the HCMES / payroll system will substantially address these issues and transform the ability to optimise the use and deployment of human resources. It will therefore be an indispensable tool and vehicle to the Strategic Human Resource Division in its overarching role regarding the establishment of HR standards and policies and the development of staff, to the Ministry of Finance itself in terms of overall fiscal management and cost containment and rationalization and will also improve HR management efficiencies in the individual MDAs which will use them on a day to day basis. The HR dimension of the Shared Corporate Services project will also need the HCMES/payroll to be successful.