Strengthening Corporate Governance for Public Bodies

The Government of Jamaica aims to improve accountability, probity and transparency among Public Bodies in order to achieve a more compliant, responsive, efficient and effective Public Service.  Public Bodies across the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) operate in a dynamic and financially-charged environment. They are further challenged by the need to be fully compliant within the development and regulatory requirements of a transforming economy.  In this regard, the GoJ has sought to clarify the governance framework within which Public Bodies must operate, taking into account lessons learnt from successful regional and international models

The Corporate Governance Framework will seek to promote effective systems of control and accountability and, responsible attitude on the part of those handling Government resources.   It will seek to strengthen the governance accountability systems of Public Bodies in order to facilitate greater probity, transparency and efficiency in the functions of government.   The Government of Jamaica has recognized that the major legislation which addresses the matter of corporate governance, transparency and accountability in public bodies, the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act (PBMA), as well as the various enabling legislations of Public Bodies are unspecific about certain issues such as the roles and responsibilities of the Board and Management, procedures for the conduct of the Board and the relationship between Ministers, Boards and Management.