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The Development Approval Process

The Development Approval Process has been targeted for attracting investment and promoting business development. In 2007, a Review spearheaded by the Cabinet Office was conducted and revealed a number of process inefficiencies that complicated and delayed the development application process. This gave rise to a current revamp of the entire application process that is currently being undertaken, focused primarily on achieving a strict ninety (90) day response timeframe for all applications. Also, in an effort to strengthen capacity building within the local planning authorities, strategic organizational reviews of Parish Councils have been undertaken. A Model Local Planning Authority Framework has been developed and submitted to Cabinet for approval. The model identifies best practices to be replicated across all Parish Councils. The Cabinet office has partnered with key agencies to:

Establish a web-enabled tracking and monitoring system for applications. The system will allow for public access to information on the status of applications and will facilitate data sharing by eliminating the need for manual correspondence among participating agencies and minimizing delays in application assessment.

Develop a “One-Stop Shop” facility; a single point of entry for application submissions, fee payments and responses to eliminate the need for multiple agency visits as currently required.

Re-engineer Business Processes such as simplifying and streamlining the approval process through the revision of forms and procedures.

Reformation of existing legislations and implementing new legislations and/or regulations (e.g. the establishment a National Building Code)

Improve inter-agency coordination through the implementation of a centralized Geographic Information system (GIS) that will establish data sharing linkages between all major stakeholders in order to enable speedier processing times.