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Ministry of National Security

Modernization of the Ministry of National Security

There is a need to have a greater impact on reducing the rate of major crime as well as being tough on the anti-social behavior which often plagues communities and contributes to a general fear of crime. The Ministry of National Security was established as a single Ministry in 2001 following the dissolution of the Ministry of National Security and Justice to form two separate ministries. A strategic review covering the key constraints on the Ministry’s performance was prepared in April 2005. The issues identified in that report were then further explored at the second stage and are now dealt with in more detail in this modernisation plan. The current MNS mandate is to:

  • facilitate the maintenance of law and order;
  • protect Jamaica against internal and external threats;
  • punish and rehabilitate offenders.

Why modernize the Ministry of National Security?

A range of challenges such as gang-related crime and drug trafficking, now threaten the country. It is, therefore, particularly important that steps be taken to strengthen the capacity of key government institutions in the security sector. This strengthening of MNS would focus on:

  • The need for well considered policies and their implementation
  • The need for the efficient use of resources given the constraints on finance
  • Greater use of sound performance information and more rigorous performance management

What has been done so far?

Substantial work has been done in the Ministry of National Security towards transforming the MNS into a policy-focused ministry. Among the initiatives carried out are:

  • Implementation of performance management and change management systems
  • Establishment of a new organisational structure to provide better management of the national security sector and
  • recruitment of key personnel to the top structure
  • Development of a revised personnel security vetting policy that will ensure recruitment of personnel of the highest calibre.

What to expect?

As the modernisation process begins to impact on the key problems, MNS should be able to contribute to improving security, enable citizens to feel safe and create a positive environment for investment to grow the economy.

Other entities that have been identified for modernisation/intervention include:

Statistical Institute of Jamaica

Revenue Services/Jamaica Customs