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Performance Management Appraisal System (PMAS)


“Jamaicans have come to expect increasingly higher levels of service from the Public Sector. We have made known, (through our “Government at Your Service” initiatives), our promise to serve Jamaicans in a courteous, efficient and professional manner while optimising the use of available resources. The public sector must therefore set itself apart by developing a reputation of being run by a competent, professional and ethical cadre of staff. We ought to consider ourselves trendsetters; stellar examples of hard work and dedication others will aspire to follow.”- Dr. The HON. Carlton Davis-Cabinet Secretary

The Performance Management Appraisal System (PMAS) was introduced across the Public Sector in 2006 out of a need to transform the public service and to exemplify the Modernisation’s slogan, “Government at your Service.” This would be achieved through a transformation of the dominant culture into one that is focused on tangible results, achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, professionalism, courtesy and integrity.


  • All work programmes (division/unit and individual) geared to achieving the goals of the organization
  • Common understanding of job requirements
  • Individual performance reviewed against mutually agreed Performance Standards
  • Feedback on performance is provided regularly
  • Training and development needs are identified and addressed
  • Improved communication between managers/supervisors and other staff to foster a more open and participative environment
  • Good performance is recognised and improvement encouraged
  • Poor performance is appropriately managed and addressed

Benefits of implementing the system

The PMAS is an improved system of performance management and evaluation. It clearly defines how your work contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s goals and identifies what needs to be done to ensure you are given the opportunity for personal growth and development in your work life. Properly implemented, this is a win-win system. The employees skills, talents and interests will be honed and guided for maximum performance and the organisation will benefit from the combined performance of all staff.

Status/ Outcomes

Since 2006 13 Government entities have commenced implementation of the PMAS:
Cabinet Office
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of Finance and Public Service
Ministry of Transport and Works
Office of the Services Commissions
Auditor General’s Department
Ministry of Health and Environment
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of National Security
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Auditor General’s Department
Post and Telecommunications Department
Department of Correctional Services
Ministry of Tourism
Institute of Jamaica