Prime Minister, Andrew Holness (second right), laughs at a joke made by Science, Energy and Technology Minister Dr Andrew Wheatley (right) at the official launch of the GOV.JM web portal at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kingston. Others (from left) are Chairman of the eGov Jamaica Limited Board, Dr Lloyd Waller; and Principal Director of the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Division in the Cabinet Office Wayne Robertson.

GOVERNMENT on Wednesday launched its E-Portal, an online gateway to all government information and services. The portal — GOV.JM — is expected to be the central place to perform online transactions with the government, find

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The Jamaica Import/ Export Inspection Centre (JIEIC) has reduced turnaround time for the inspection of commercial goods coming into the country from an average of twenty-four (24) hours to an average of four hours. The

The Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation (PSTM) Programme is creating a more capable and effective public sector by:

  • Removing bureaucratic processes that add no value;
  • Centering operations on citizens’ needs; and
  • Being more economical in its operations.

By providing the services that our businesses and citizens need, the Programme is helping our businesses compete and is offering public services our citizens can depend on.

The current Programme is addressing issues at the heart of public sector performance, and is focused on the transformation of the Public Service to improve service delivery and enhance Jamaica’s competitiveness and economic growth.

The reform of the public sector is  ongoing and  far from done. Nevertheless, there has been good progress in creating an environment that favours trade and investment and one that facilitates quicker, simpler citizen services.

The current programme, is focusing on:

ICT Transformation

Improving integration performance across portfolios and harmonisation of government information infrastructure and systems to enhance service delivery.

HRM Transformation And Strengthening Institutional Capacity

Increasing efficiency in the management of public sector human resources, building their capacity to deliver excellence and strengthening Ministries to manage.

Managing Public Sector Costs

Increasing efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the management of public resources.

Trade & Investment Facilitation and Service Excellence

Better customer experiences with a focus on faster movement of goods across our borders, increased value and volume of exports and shorter turnaround time for business start-up.