The GOV.JM Portal

Persons do not always understand where to find information about how to access government services or do business with government. Persons seeking information may end up spending an undue amount of time and resources to

Gov’t launches online gateway to information, services

GOVERNMENT on Wednesday launched its E-Portal, an online gateway to all government information and services. The portal — GOV.JM — is expected to be the central place to perform online transactions with the government, find

Online portal to fast-track applications for development permits

A Development Applications Review Process (DARP) Public Portal 11 has been created to improve the process of application for environmental and construction permits. It is part of the Application Management and Data Automation (AMANDA) system

Gov’t Committed To World-Class Customer Service Delivery

Amidst complaints about less-than-desirable public-service delivery, the Government of Jamaica is pushing ahead to achieve world-class customer service through the more than 200 public-sector institutions islandwide. This is consistent with one of the Vision 2030

Public Sector Efficiency Program (PSEP) Programme Status Update

Strengthening public sector capability to deliver efficient and effective services by: Improving Human Resource Management Improving  Information and Communications Technology Management (ICTM) Improving Control Systems and Accountability Mechanisms Download the full Power Point Presentation HERE.