Creating A Culture Of Service Excellence

The Government is creating a culture of service excellence in the public sector with a focus on quality in service delivery and customer satisfaction. This is being done under the Service Excellence Programme (SEP), an

PM Holness Reaffirms Commitment to Service Excellence

Prime Minister, the Most. Hon Andrew Holness, says the Government remains committed to providing customer service excellence in the public sector. “Within the context of the public sector, both our internal and external customers should

Cabinet to Consider Proposed Jamaica Employee Management Policy

Cabinet is shortly expected to deliberate on the proposed implementation of a Government of Jamaica Employee Management Policy. The Policy incorporates minimum standards that will, among other things, standardise the approach to employee performance management

Cabinet To Review Service Excellence Policy Soon

A Service Excellence Policy has been developed for implementation across the public sector. This Policy is intended to establish and incorporate a culture of service delivery excellence within the sector. Cabinet is slated to receive