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To ensure alignment between individual and organizational performance, the operation of the public sector Employee Performance Management and Appraisal System (PMAS) is currently being reviewed. The Cabinet Office is preparing a report with the findings and recommendations for improvement and standardization of the employee performance system.

To support employee performance, a Public Sector Learning Framework (PSLF) is being developed in collaboration with MIND. The Learning Framework will identify the competencies needed to support a modern public sector, prescribe career pathways and guide government’s training and development programmes.

A strategic approach to HR management and development in the public sector will require policies and programmes which facilitate the development of employees across the sector in terms of the skills and competencies needed for the sector to meet its overall strategic goals. The Public Sector Learning Framework will provide guidelines which will enable and facilitate the requisite programmes and activities.

In 2001, the Government committed to building a professional service, as the success or failure of Government services and initiatives depend greatly on how well we develop and manage our public sector employees. Government performance is about employee performance. If the Government is to achieve growth and public sector efficiency, it will be dependent on the capability of the public sector employees to create these results.

 To achieve a transformed and modernised Public Sector, the development and management of our Human Resources must be seen as an important pillar. As our public servants are our most valuable and most accessible resource it is important that appropriate investments are made to support their ability to contribute to the on-going development of the public sector and by extension the country at large. 

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