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The Jamaica Import/ Export Inspection Centre (JIEIC) has reduced turnaround time for the inspection of commercial goods coming into the country from an average of twenty-four (24) hours to an average of four hours. The

Government operations cost too much. The Civil service must become less expensive and more strategic.

The relentless pressure to save money requires that we pull tighter reigns on government spending, find different modes of delivering services where we share certain back office support function between departments and divest the government of high cost services that can be better delivered through private enterprise or other modes.

While the Government has made significant progress in the management of its public finances over the past six years, weaknesses still remain.
Recent assessments reveal that weaknesses in the control systems and accountability mechanisms; particularly in external and internal audit, public procurement, and parliament oversight of public finances, still hamper the management of budget resources and pose challenges to efficient service delivery.