The Honourable

Audrey V. Sewell, OJ, CD, JP


The Hon. Audrey V. Sewell became Cabinet Secretary on 1st August 2023.


Mrs. Sewell holds an MSc. in Human Resource Development and a BSc. (Hons.) in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Management Studies from UWI, and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Administration and Leadership jointly from the Swedish Institute for National Development and the Vocational Development Institute. A graduate of the Shortwood Teachers College, Mrs. Sewell also pursued studies in Research Methodology at the University of Michigan.


A trained teacher by profession, having taught at several institutions at the secondary level, Mrs. Sewell was instrumental in the launch of the HEART Trust/NTA in 1982. She subsequently assumed formal full-time employment with the aforementioned institution in April 1984. She served the HEART Trust/NTA in various capacities throughout the years, and lastly as Director of Academies in 2004.  

Mrs. Sewell later served as Principal Director of the Justice Ministry’s Justice Training Institute (JTI) from 2004 to 2008. Under her leadership, the JTI was registered by the University Council of Jamaica. Additionally, Mrs. Sewell expanded the offerings provided by the JTI and positioned the organization as the justice training hub within the Caribbean.  

In 2008, Mrs. Sewell was appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education. In 2011 she was re-assigned to the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing. In February 2016, Mrs. Sewell was assigned to serve as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation. Later that year, she was also appointed to serve as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, performing both roles simultaneously.  


The Cabinet Secretary is the most senior policy adviser in the Civil Service. She is secretary to the Cabinet, responsible to all Ministers for the running of Cabinet and is also the head of the Civil Service.

As Secretary to the Cabinet, she provides support and advice to the government and oversees the provision of policy and secretariat support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees. She is also responsible for the organisation of the minutes of the Cabinet and also conveys decisions of the Cabinet.

As Head of the Public Service, she is responsible for developing a highly professional public service, which is able to effectively execute government business.

As Head of the Permanent Secretaries Board, she is responsible for guiding the execution of Ministry plans, ensuring that they align with government’s priorities.