Prime Minister, Andrew Holness (second right), laughs at a joke made by Science, Energy and Technology Minister Dr Andrew Wheatley (right) at the official launch of the GOV.JM web portal at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kingston. Others (from left) are Chairman of the eGov Jamaica Limited Board, Dr Lloyd Waller; and Principal Director of the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Division in the Cabinet Office Wayne Robertson.

GOVERNMENT on Wednesday launched its E-Portal, an online gateway to all government information and services. The portal — GOV.JM — is expected to be the central place to perform online transactions with the government, find

Principal Director of the Public Sector Modernisation Programmme, Office of the Cabinet, Wayne Robertson.

A Development Applications Review Process (DARP) Public Portal 11 has been created to improve the process of application for environmental and construction permits. It is part of the Application Management and Data Automation (AMANDA) system

Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Division Director General, Veniece Pottinger-Scott.

Amidst complaints about less-than-desirable public-service delivery, the Government of Jamaica is pushing ahead to achieve world-class customer service through the more than 200 public-sector institutions islandwide. This is consistent with one of the Vision 2030

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Director General, Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation, Office of the Cabinet, Veniece Pottinger Scott, says the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be seen as an avenue for the public sector to retool and become more efficient

The Government’s Records and Information Management (RIM) programme is to be rolled out in 25 additional ministries, department and agencies (MDAs), which will comprise the third cohort under the engagement. This was announced by Minister

Report as at 31 August 2020 This report covers appointments to 310 Public Sector Boards, Committees, Councils, Commissions, Authorities, Panels, Appeal Tribunals approved by Cabinet up to 31 August 2020.

The Cabinet Office sits at the heart of government. Our mission is to lead the creation of a world class public service.

We are responsible for making government more effective and supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet in making well informed decisions. The Cabinet Office takes the lead on critical cross-government issues. We are responsible for the overall performance and effective management the entire public service.

The Office has a central role in the management of Government business and achieving greater coherence and effectiveness of Government operations. The management of most of the key areas of cross-government issues sits in the Cabinet Office, specifically:

  • Logistical support to Cabinet and Cabinet sub-committees;
  • Policy co-ordination and advice;
  • Coordination of high profile cross-cutting government issues;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the performance of government.

The Cabinet Office is made up of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and departments which provide support through policy advice and ensuring the effective running of government.
Cabinet is made up of the Prime Minister and any number of Ministers that the Prime Ministers chooses, but never less than 11 Ministers and 2 Senators (section 69, Constitution)
Cabinet is responsible for government policy and is collectively responsible to Parliament. Cabinet considers issues that have national impact and debates …

To play its role , the Cabinet Office;

  • Supports the PM and Cabinet
  • Support the effective development and coordination of policy; promoting consultative processes for policy formulation, assessing policy proposals before submission to cabinet and monitoring progress on Cabinet decisions
  • Ensuring the effective running of government promoting a ‘whole of government’ approach
  • Creating a high performance civil service through performance management and performance reporting
  • Promoting Efficiency and reform through an ongoing public sector wide transformation programme which addresses inefficiencies, waste and service delivery
  • Coordinating National Security Policy