The Cabinet Secretary's Office

The unit supports the general administration, planning and overall management of the Ministry. It includes the Cabinet Secretary Support Unit which provides information for decision-making by the Permanent Secretaries Board and its committees through accurate and timely minutes and notes from meetings, technical briefs, and research papers.

Cabinet Support and Policy Division (CSPD)

The Cabinet Support and Policy Division operates two functional units namely, the Recording Secretariat and the Policy Analysis and Review Unit. The division provides Cabinet and its committees with information for informed decision-making through delivery of minutes, reports, policy and technical briefs, cabinet records and Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Meetings.

Public Sector Modernisation Division (PSMD)

The Public Sector Modernization Division (PSMD) is governed by the mandate to: improve the quality, coherence and responsiveness of the services rendered to the public; promote a strong and professionally managed public sector, capable of enabling and facilitating the achievement of the major national goals; and re-organize the public sector to support a more citizen-centred and performance-focused approach to carrying out the business of government.

Corporate Affairs Division (CAD)

The programme liaises with multiple divisions to administer essential services to ensure that the Ministry is operated efficiently. The programme liaises with multiple divisions to administer essential services to ensure that the Ministry is operated efficiently. Shared services are management through the division in the areas of Human Resource Development and Management, Accounts, Procurement, Facilities and Transport Management. 

Performance Management Evaluation Branch (PMEB)

The Performance Management and Evaluation Branch was operationalized to facilitate the implementation of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES). The PMES is a results-based management tool that will be used to improve the way in which government achieves results by examining outcomes and impacts of programmes, sub-programmes, projects and policies which can be used for informed decision-making.

Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA)

The Office of the National Security Advisor provides advise to the Prime Minister and National Security Council on matters of security, intelligence and defence matters; provide coordination across the country’s security operations; act as principal channel of communication between the government and the intelligence community on issues that concern the community as a whole; act as a focal point for liaison with central intelligence authorities in other countries including Commonwealth countries, and monitors the implementation and update of the National Security Policy.