The Cabinet Support and Policy Division (CSPD) operates two functional units namely, the Recording Secretariat and the Policy Analysis and Review Unit. The division provides Cabinet and its committees with technical support and advice in the areas of policy analysis and review, by the Cabinet Support and Policy Division. Sound and timely decision-making by the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and Cabinet Committees is facilitated through this service. Policy coherence and co-ordination across government is simultaneously enhanced. In this way, policies are kept consistent with the strategic direction of the Government of Jamaica.

The CSPD has responsibility for:

  • Monitoring the implementation of Cabinet Decisions
  • Providing briefs to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and its Committees, thereby ensuring provision of adequate documentation for informed decision-making
  • Developing the framework for managing policy formulation in the public sector
  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Finance and Planning in strategic ways, to drive and review the strategic business planning, budgeting and performance monitoring process across government