Residents Hail Government Mobile Services Fair

December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Residents have hailed the Government Services Fair, held in Moneague, St. Ann on October 27, as a significant step forward in enhancing community engagement and access to crucial government services.

The event, organised by the Public Sector Modernisation Division (PSMD), Office of the Cabinet, brought together some 30 government agencies and services under one roof, providing locals with easy access to vital information and resources.

Computer Technician, Andrew Lloyd, expressed his satisfaction with the fair, emphasising its importance in bringing essential services directly to the community.

“It has been good. The booths that I visited were good with the information they had to offer, especially the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs. I would give this event five stars,” he said.

Lloyd Hill, another Moneague resident, said the fair was significant, especially for a community whose members often had to journey to St. Ann’s Bay or Kingston to access similar services.

“We really appreciate what you all have done for this community, because this community needs more of these things and it helps us from going to St. Ann’s Bay and Kingston, read more